Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – CTL vs UB – Liberal Infighting


February 24, 2014

Following days of hysteria from Denise Romano, which have included hundreds of Twitter DMs Romano broadcast to my followers and countless others in a high-energy, frenetic campaign to have this post with her name deleted, a campaign to have this blog banned and a concerted effort for others to file complaints to Twitter, WordPress and finally PayPal to investigate me for fraud, the woman who portrays herself as a professional in conflict resolution has finally garnered my attention and time.

After a long disjointed conversation which included more issues and expectations than her inclusion in this blog, Romano chose to pursue a destructive, vicious campaign against this blog and me. Knowing the death of my mother was imminent (her demise occurring Thursday afternoon, February 20), and after the many requests for time to review this situation with a clear mind, Romano brought my mother’s passing into this as an insult and escalated the situation beyond the boundaries of human decency.

I had told Romano I wanted to talk to my sources for this small segment and revise it thoughtfully with her supporters (sources) who proclaim and publicly appear to be her staunch allies. Unfortunately for those sources, Romano states she has no supporters and claims only one friendship among her 11.5 thousand Twitter followers. There are some who view a Twitter following as customers or more simply as numbers. I personally believe this is a disingenuous response, but in light of her repetition of that “fact”, I will accept her invalidation of those who believed they were part of her world. I believe they had her best interests in mind and were at one point “true believers”. I do not believe they intentionally lied in their view of the history they told to me.

As you can read for yourself, it is not a negative segment regarding Romano. Since this has been blown out of proportion by Romano and her new friends, I believe it is important to leave the “evidence” intact so that any further libelous claims by Romano can be easily reviewed. I will not delete it because it has become the source for a new libel campaign and I will not allow it to be changed, exaggerated or presented as anything other than what was originally written.

This segment regarding Romano plays an insignificant role in the overall contents of this blog. The arrogance and ego behind any claims that Romano thinks she was used to raise donations is absurd. The mistress of conflict resolution has made herself, through her own Twitter and blog campaigns via her 11.5 thousand Twitter followers and my followers, to make herself an important “personality” feature, but not one that calculates as donation worthy according to my readers.

As with the majority of issues and subject matter that fall into Cabal hands, they have twisted this part of the story from a salute by Romano’s well-meaning supporters to a crude attempt at character assassination and lies at me. I had been alerted that a plan was unfolding for another wave of attacks from the Cabal on February 18, 2014. You are witnessing it’s progression.

In closing, The libel with evident malice currently generated by Romano must end. Accusing me of financial crimes because I didn’t instantly leap to her demands is an attempt at harm and cruelty that was never directed toward her by this blog or in our conversations and is unconscionable behavior. Attacks against my sister, @Alasscan_ on Twitter, must end and she should not be defamed or her followers contacted with defamatory messages. I write this blog.

Twitter DM from @deniseromano to @sdzzz

Twitter DM from @deniseromano to @sdzzz


Original Publication: Jul 28, 2013 @ 20:27

Was Connect The Left aka CTL ever endangered by newcomer Unite Blue? The simple answer is no, since CTL membership had fallen into disarray amid the doldrums of tragedy and illness that sometimes disrupts the high hopes and best laid plans of mortal humans. A social media account may linger indefinitely when it’s owner is away and there are countless human reasons digital accounts are abandoned.

In the case of CTL, as the story goes, a woman described by one follower as a “goddess of the left” named Denise Romano aka VoX @deniseromano thought progressives could use some organization on Twitter and planted the first seeds of Connect The Left by creating a list of like-minded Democrats. Romano is a well educated, accomplished woman who could have taken this inspiration far if not for illness disrupting her plans and vibrant life. Romano’s blog is well worth the time for  her opinions and research in psychology and conflict resolution:

She also includes her personal civility based Twitter Rules which includes an opinion on Unite Blue, #24 Unite Blue

From there, another activist, @EileenLeft™ aka Claudia Parks, took the reins and pushed the group in a different direction as a private membership guided by the stern hand of structured command and control. Parks, with 20 years experience in the military designed CTL to function as a quasi- officer’s club closed to rank and file progressives who did not meet the vetting process via a worthiness interview with Parks. Parks also likes to trademark things and designated the hashtag, #CTL intended for use by members only.


The “Angry Kool-Aid Face” of Connect The Left ~ @EileenLeft™

Connect The Left Tumbler

ConnectTheLeft – A Group Of Logical Liberals You Should Meet and Follow

This Is A List Of Right Wing Trolls I’ve Blocked

During the summer of 2012, Simon Cowart  aka @SayethSimon stepped in to assist with building CTL, helping with list-building and implementing campaigns and organization. @EileenLeft™ owned the internet domain, connecttheleft. org, while Cowart owned the top level domain, as well as the twitter handle @connecttheleft. When Parks had to take time off to focus on a serious family illness, Cowart tried to move forward with development, but personality and chain of command clashes were  the wrench in the gears of progress and the relationship ended about 7 months later. Cowart could not act without permission from Parks and the CTL membership was more concerned with sympathy for Park’s circumstances and waiting for their leader to return and guide them. Any action to take a leadership or proactive role in the interim signaled a personal betrayal to Parks. CTL simply languished with its members half-heartedly tweeting the #CTL tag.

For those wondering what a hashtag is besides a word with # in front of it, on Twitter a hashtag often defines the popularity and reach of an organization, business or idea. Companies pay to “trend” their hashtag for sales promotions and political orgs use them to gather followers to promote a cause. Sometimes hashtags are #silly and #playful, used for humorous and satirical punctuation. A hashtag creates a catalog of tweets  in one location and when a hashtag trends it means thousands of users have tweeted the same tag within a short time period. It showcases widespread interest in a topic, event, product or entity.


Simon Cowart aka @SayethSimon

While CTL as a group waited for their leader’s guidance, something new was rising through the twittersphere of progressive politics called , 140Elect, the progenitor of Unite Blue. Cowart wanted to move on from the lull at CTL and began the process of notifying Parks of his intent to move on. He wanted to sell his CTL domain to Parks and join the staff at Unite Blue. When his messages went unanswered, he sold the domain for $250 to recoup his domain costs.  Had lists been associated with any of CTL’s social media assets, the sale should have been more lucrative rather than closing for base value of hosting fees.

With 140Elect beginning to show on the progressive radar, CTL loyalists seized on Cowart’s new affiliation as defection and betrayal. Immediately, rumors sprang up that Cowart had stolen CTL’s membership lists and handed them over to the new kid on the block, competitor, 140Elect. In short order, the $250 sum from sale of the domain was grossly exaggerated by CTL members and supporters to be $250,000, money they claimed was stolen from CTL. Cowart, fed up with the wild allegations against him issued this statement: The Truth of the Matter: ConnectTheLeft

Cowart claims in his statement that he and Zach Green tried to negotiate with CTL’s Parks to bring her group into some kind of alliance with 140Elect but when Parks etched the virtual line in the sands of Twitter politics, her supporters took a posture of rescuing their commander from the clutches of irrelevance and a defunct organization. War was declared against Cowart and Green by  those who saw themselves as the political elite of Twitter against the young upstart who dared challenge their dominance, expertise and self-described Twitter celebrity status.

Investigations into the personal lives of the Green family and their digital consulting business gave rise to a new militantly determined group bent on forcing full personal and business transparency on 140Elect. The fact that Parks adamantly refused to reveal her own identity as leader of CTL created an atmosphere of hypocrisy on the transparency issue alone. As of this writing she has not voluntarily revealed her name, however the person who controls CTL claims to own the trademark for EileenLeft™ and that person is listed as Claudia Parks. If the trademark is held by a proxy, anyone seeking to join CTL should be aware of this since the goal is to impact progressive politics and influence elections.

USPTO Notice of Trademark for Eileen Left

One of the problems with launching a political venture on Twitter is coordinating thousands of users to focus on one point simultaneously to demonstrate the reach and power of a group, thereby effectively controlling a unified message for issue awareness. 140Elect deployed  Twitter applications, an interesting website with member info, stats and a sense of community with streamlined member communications to deploy mass action to effectively trend a topic. As such it is a powerful tool in the political arena and fair disclosure requests and questions regarding the intent and funders behind the operation aren’t out of bounds. But questions began to take on a circus atmosphere of wild theories and suspicions of RW moles, infiltrators, political operatives and social engineers out to subvert progressives by gathering and selling their Twitter souls to some right-wing secret group with 140Elect cast in the role of the devil.

The perfect storm loomed, rumors of money, betrayal  and the right to govern Twitter progressive politics fueled the beginning of the campaign against 140Elect as an emotionally charged  twitterstorm targeting its membership as well.


Zach Green – Unite Blue

What were and are the political crimes alleged against 140Elect/Unite Blue?

  • Zach and Adam Green previously worked as tech consultants for conservative candidates. This established their online portfolio.
  • They are self-described “techies” rather than political operatives or consultants, therefore they are seen as having too little inside political influence or expertise in the manipulations of politics.
  • They stole Connect The Left.
  • Unite Blue appointed a popular twitter progressive for a board position without checking his criminal background proving his “whippersnapper” inexperience.

(To see what the opposition knew about Talley and when they knew, see Anatomy of a Smear Campaign -Part Two- Outing Talley)

Unite Blue has paid for these mistakes. More to the point, a number of Unite Blue members have  been bullied, defamed and harassed as an example of how ignorant and vicious the left-wing can be when mobilized by gossip, half-truths and flat out lies, tactics the left usually accuses the right wing of doing, yet can’t see it in their own party. What the right-wing is loathe to do is attack its own or divide its base, which the left, or alleged left in this case have done with sneering zeal, exceeding  the energy expended on fighting their natural enemy, the right wing agenda.

Although none of CTL’s followers could muster the skills, financial backing or motivation to promote their own group, they did manage to get help through two new websites, Blue Unite and Unite This, both propaganda machines with the sole purpose of opposing and attacking Unite Blue.

The Council of Nine

The visual grouping combined with the following header is a classic smear tactic, and oddly out of sync with a “liberal” point of view in its judgmental approach to adults joking and enjoying camaraderie on Twitter. You can almost see the disapproving glare of the “Church Lady” in the header:

“Why are so many Unite Blue behaving in such an embarrassing and immature way? Is this the purpose of UB? How many of these accounts belong to UB founder Zach Green or Green family members?”.

Blue Unite was short lived and focused on former Unite Blue board member William Talley and attempts to smear what it perceived as the strongest Unite Blue supporters with Talley’s crimes. On one page it ran selected twitter feeds to imply guilt by association although none of the people in this were associating with William Talley aka @Political_Bill at the time.

Being a jovial, clever group, Unite Blue members countered the outrageous claims that supporters of Unite Blue MUST be related to the Green family by changing their twitter profile names to Green. The not so “crack investigators” with CTL mistakenly thought they had seized the brass ring of “gotcha”.

Sometimes, the best way to survive constant negativity and spurious allegations is to laugh, and we did a lot of that, except when allegations became harmful to reputations as the opposition falsely associated people with criminal activity (child pornography) by exaggerating William Talley’s influence or closeness with his 10k followers. The obvious intent in grouping unaffiliated  twitter feeds was a crude tactic implying a group alliance with Talley that did not exist.  Selectively targeting people from their enemy list to appear in proximity with Talley was the last straw for many (bottom right corner panel). The propaganda machine churned night and day with blogs, websites and opposition accounts sending auto-tweets while they slept, resulting in one-quarter of those shown in the Twitter feed  to be doxed (vindictive release of personal and family information) in the raging vendetta against Unite Blue supporters.

One could assume that if CTL supporters could at long last muster a website, it would be one to promote their own organization rather than waste resources trying to dismantle another org but it won’t be their last attempt to control twitter politics by damaging the competition.

As for Blue Unite, complaints  were building against the defamatory content of the site but not until webmaster Devin Millington challenged celebrity Roseanne Barr in an argument about transgender issues did things begin to change. Unable to further confront Barr on Twitter, Millington attacked  the celebrity with a hostile website, with Barr issuing an angry public plea on Twitter to feminist hackers for help. Blue Unite, coincidentally, began having technical difficulties. Whatever caused the end of Blue Unite, TOS complaints to the hosting company for defamatory content or other interventions, everyone on the receiving end of Millington’s irresponsible assertions was pleased to see its demise.

What are Claudia Parks’ personal allegations against Unite Blue, anyway?

Click images to enlarge.







The new incarnation of a Blue Unite, budget version, exists in Unite This, a WordPress site and associated Twitter handle @Unite_This (not shown here). This time around EileenLeft™ has laid her own hand to the smear campaign by forming an announced alliance of CTL and Unite This as competitor and opposition to Unite Blue. Parroting Unite This’ claims which consists of posts from OsborneInk, and her own allegations against Unite Blue, EileenLeft™, acting head of CTL has committed herself and her followers to the cause of dismantling Unite Blue.

An Alliance is formed:

Click images to enlarge.


EL-UT-form alliance

We know EileenLeft™’s identity from trademark records identifying the owner of the trademark as Claudia Parks, Modesto, CA. Who are the people behind behind @Unite_This and @PoliticolNews aka PN? Is it true, as people in progressive circles say, that Matt Edelstein aka @Shoq is the person behind these accounts? Edelstein has ties to Canada, the alleged home of PoliticolNews and a penchant for laying claim to endeavors and political action enterprises among progressives, sometimes leading to legal action.

Whatever the agenda, @EileenLeft™, @Unite_This and @PoliticolNews all want to keep their identities protected while challenging Unite Blue and other political orgs on issues of transparency.

Click image to enlarge.



Advisors and soldiers in the advancing smear campaign were:

(not all are active members of CTL)

Trina Cuppett aka @TrinaCuppett , changed later to @keyboardninja13, formerly a guest blogger for  AZ Rants, the blog owned by @azmoderate.

Matt Edelstein aka @Shoq formerly known as Matt Black, Mayor of Twitter. Blogger.

Neal Rauhauser, Edelstein associate known for running brutal political harassment campaigns

Karoli Kuns aka @Karoli. Blogger

Matt Osborne aka @OsborneInk. Blogger

Melissa K. Brewer aka @catsrimportant

Michael Galvin aka @NC_MJGalvin aka @JeanGalt

Suzanne Munshower aka @expatina

Sherry aka @PixSher

Carol aka @DKChoco

Ken aka @deuce788

The many sock accounts of RJ Sterling aka @DirkCheap. For a collection of Sterling’s misdeeds see @SterlingSteamer.


2 comments on “Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – CTL vs UB – Liberal Infighting

  1. Finally, the best and most believable account of the great war of twitterville. As exasperating and sickening as it is, we all have been shortchanged by some incredibly desperate egos. I am truly sorry I put my faith in some of the mentioned individuals. What an incredible waste of time and effort. The liberal cause needs all of us, without the ego problems.

    • SDzzz says:

      I know you have a strong history in liberal politics and I saw your shock and sadness when forced to choose what groups and friends to have by those in CTL. Stay strong, Bill. The world needs more people who have a moral compass and the courage to stand up for their convictions as you did. 🙂

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