Screenshots Two – Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part Two – After Outing Talley

There are thousands of tweets reviewed for DoxicShockSyndrome articles and selecting even a small sample for overview is difficult without overwhelming the reader.

This page will display selected screenshot categories for your review, hopefully providing a broader understanding of interactions and tactics deployed in the concerted attack on the Unite Blue organization and its members.

UPDATE: Michael Galvin has confessed the group knew Talley’s criminal history in February 2013:

Galvin-070913-knew in Feb Galvin-Z-board-exposure 071013

After Outing Talley – March 2013 ~>

BT removed from UB-Mar10-2013-03-27_1609-300x95TC-MG-UBboardstepdown-1003

TC-screenmembersTC-appeals process

Karoli says UB didn't knowPN-nameisTeri







TC-opUB-anonsTC dox Zach


From here, the smear campaign will escalate into criminal actions, doxing, cyber-harassment, stalking, abuse, bullying and broad violations of civil rights leading to an attempted denial of service attack on the Unite Blue website and member club, #LibCrib.


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