Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part Two – Outing Talley

*UPDATE: Check Michael Galvin segment for a July 2013 confession.

The outing of William Talley began with 33 tweets October 13, 2012, from two Twitter “egg” accounts named @justice_usa_ aka Justice and @kyle_mart_unc aka Kyle, with a singular purpose; to disclose information on a man who was a wealthy Tennessee businessman and popular twitter progressive named William Talley, also @political_bill.

The announcement linked to a State of Tennessee Supreme Court Ruling March 19, 2010 declaring Talley was remanded for trial after a five-year, $450,000.00 legal battle. Soon facing 62 years in prison for possession of child pornography, weapon and drug charges, Talley would agree to a plea bargain reducing his sentence to less than a year in prison beginning May 29, 2013.

The ruling may be viewed here:

@justice_usa_ aka Justice   October 13, 2012, 4 tweets. Sample:

ImageJustice sent to the following recipients: @gordosarbak @SydesJokes @RiskyLiberal @flavmartins

The live Topsy link I had included for review: “Justice tweets available here:“, was scrubbed of tweets by an unknown user after publication of this article. Screen captures are available here: October 13, 2012 Tweets of kyle_mart-unc and @justice_usa_‎‎

 @kyle_mart_unc aka Kyle  October 13, 2012, 29 tweets. Sample:


The live Topsy link I had included for review: “Kyle tweets available here:“, was scrubbed of tweets by an unknown user after publication of this article. Screen captures are available here: October 13, 2012 Tweets of kyle_mart-unc and @justice_usa_

Kyle sent to the following recipients (x=number of times):

@maddow @butterflybesos9 @Only4RM (2x) @kfreed2 @kristenp17 (2x)

@allwithhope (5x) @conniejimjoe @MH_liberal (2x) @TheOneTripleA

@BridgetteJohns2 @jdub321 @GingerAcop  @catsrimportant @Shoq

@tradebomber @Humane_Being  @ESRDguy @Half  @jonwiesman@akemor (2x)

@peaceisactive (2x)@WisdomSeeker18 (2x) @NautieWon  @MittRomney

@ConstanceJackso @Karoli (3x)  @TheDailyEdge @OFA_Jarryd @Lawrence

@hardball @MHPshow  @TrinaCuppett @ReporterPhoenix @Mattison

@KLNorvell @PaulSGreene (2x)@Studi0_57 @kharly @WeThePeoplePrty @lwdgrfx

It would be interesting to see the twitter timeline of @Political_Bill for the months of October and November 2012, but too much time has passed. Please contact me if you have cached pages or more information.

I became aware of William Talley in a very brief discussion in 2012 about home health care since I am a caregiver for my mother. I did not know that on October 13, 2012 there were 33 tweets issued posting links to Talley’s case being rejected by the Tennessee Supreme Court because I was not a recipient of those tweets nor was there any open discussion of his case by the recipients, some of which were friends and supporters of Talley.

After joining Unite Blue and enduring the ongoing harassment and bullying from anti-Unite Blue troops and after the well known scandal of Talley being ejected from the board, I spoke privately to Talley via DM in March because I wanted to hear his explanation. Talking to Talley had nothing to do with his vindication as hundreds, if not thousands of twitter users who were his followers can attest. After months of abuse I also suspect mentioning this conversation will be used negatively by anti-Unite Blue bullies to portray what they see as secret communication confirming their grand conspiracy theory, but rational, intelligent people will see it as a simple discussion, so I’m writing this anyway.

I knew Talley was to be sentenced and his fate was in the hands of the courts. The ongoing hysteria and political circus of attempts to shame people into avoiding any conversations with Talley was odd and somewhat suspect to me. What could this man possibly say that would negate his documented criminal history? Nothing, but many like me felt he owed an explanation, especially since his actions had set the stage for an escalation in attacks on thousands of innocent people by further arming the aggressive mob bent on destroying Unite Blue through its members.

What Talley described to me was a lifestyle of excess and fall to debauchery of a middle-aged man trying to recapture his youth in a cascade of very harmful, bad decisions. The resultant descent into a dark world of his own drug abuse and addictions led to the most hideous acts of “curiosity”; child porn. Talley, by his own admission had become an addict and also abused alcohol. He “fell in” with a younger crowd who enjoyed his wealth and access to pharmaceutical drugs and in return he felt the machismo and power of walking on the dark side. Keeping pace with a 19 year old girlfriend, her friends and family (also part of the circle) may have been exhilarating for Talley, but it was also the undertow preceding the tidal wave that would wash away his reputation, business, wealth, prominence and freedom consuming him with the very real terror of spending life in prison, which tormented him every day for 8 years. On Twitter this man managed a persona of political activism that garnered him as many as 15,000 followers who saw him as a prominent progressive activist.

When I spoke with him he believed he would receive probation from his plea deal, an optimism I did not share. Since his original charges could bring 62 years imprisonment and the end result was less than a year in prison there were obvious mitigating factors in his case, which he intends to write about in a tell-all book he deemed a “cautionary tale”. Being a registered sex offender after his release is additionally punitive and appropriate, so for those who believe he was not really punished, consider what he lost, 8 years of fear, a year in prison and the sex offender label he will wear for the rest of his life and you may find a kernel of satisfaction in justice being served, even if it falls severely short of anyone’s expectations. His sentence turned out to be as shocking as the revelation of his crimes.

Personally, I advise any person or group to research Tennessee State Law, the dictates of the court regarding Talley’s parole requirements, whether or not he will be required to register as a sex offender and study Twitter corporate policy before embarking on a crusade to have him banned from Twittersince no one wants to create a legal situation where an offender can sue and win for violation of his rights.

Your only legal recourse may be to petition Twitter to amend its TOS to ban offenders.

Talley is a man with a habit of serving his own interests which repeatedly led to bad personal decisions negatively impacting others. And he is not alone. He accepted an advisory board position with Unite Blue without disclosing his criminal history and others who knew him and were aware of that history also withheld the information for their own political and personal agendas, safeguarding the information like money in the bank for a rainy day. That rainy day check was cashed on March 9, 2013 when the war against Unite Blue began to flounder and Talley was engaging in Unite Blue defense, the opposition loaded their campaign with fresh ammunition and the man in the crosshairs was William Talley. In less than week of being on the board, his secret was revealed.

*Since writing this, Trina Cuppett has changed her Twitter handle from @TrinaCuppett to @keyboardninja13 to @VileSleazo and as of August 2013, her handle is @Fameballs.

March 10, 2013 Unite Blue announced William Talley was removed from the advisory board.


Ignoring actions by Unite Blue in immediately removing Talley from the board, by March 13, 2013 the opposition began developing slogans and a hashtag to compliment their existing #opuniteblue hashtag campaign and escalated their Unite Blue smear campaign deploying Talley as their sacrifice and weapon :


#WeSaidNo to #UniteBlue and their pedophile leader,@political_bill

“If you tweet to, or retweet @political_bill, you are supporting a convicted pedophile. #UniteBlue

Soon it was not enough for members to denounce Talley, opposition demands increased to include a renouncement of Unite Blue itself by all members. Several smear strategies would be networked between the group Anonymous along with increasing bullying tactics of intimidation by doxing , defamation and threats. Under the leadership of Trina Cuppett, Unite Blue would soon be labeled a “Pedophilia Company” with a call to conduct a cyber take down of the Unite Blue website.

Image There are two very important stories in this summary:

1. The outing of William Talley, because although Trina Cuppett and involved supporters say she was the first to expose him, evidence shows she was not. The information was fed to her and she soapboxed it. She was not the first person to tweet the information about William Talley. Why the lies and misrepresentation that Cuppett had somehow risked or sacrificed herself to expose Talley?

2. Galvin was the first person in 2013 to tweet the Tennessee case law link, the same link from Kyle and Justice in 2012.

The TN ruling was tweeted 349 times in early 2013 after Galvin’s post and is viewable here: Note: Use the “more” button for all the tweets.

Michael Galvin at 9:35 pm March 9, 2013


The “outing” tweet. First Trina Cuppett tweet regarding Talley’s history 10:14pm March 9, 2013



Lord Mephistopheles to Trina at 10:24 pm March 9, 2013


Michael Galvin at 11:05 pm March 9, 2013

ImageNote: It was not a SCOTUS decision. The acronym for the Tennessee Supreme Court is TSC, abbreviation, Tenn.

 Trina Cuppett explaining the post. 12:29 am March 10, 2013


This negates Cuppett’s claims she researched, sleuthed, put together evidence on Talley before Galvin’s 2013 notification. She was referring to these disagreements about her friend Talley being appointed the board:



The run-up to Talley’s board appointment and the anti-Unite Blue campaign is fascinating. It evolves through conspiracy theories, allegations, wild speculation, dishonesty, new websites, alliances with the group Anonymous and a full anti-pedophile Anonymous alliance that viciously doxed 6 innocent Unite Blue members as pedophile supporters.

These doxes were justified by these groups as retaliation because Trina Cuppett claimed she was an Anon harassed for outing William Talley, which is proven to be a dishonest manipulation to get other groups to damage her enemies on her behalf.

Other people, me among them, were doxed in retaliation for doxing Trina Cuppett, another highly hyped fictional drama recently re-posted to show that her children were never endangered and despite her many online marketing posts promoting her home business, complete with address and phone number, her private information was not released.

Again, for the hundredth time, I will state that I did not know what a dox was at the time, nor was I in alliance with anyone that could have been involved with the post. When I saw it, because Cuppett and her supporters were also posting  the link in outrage, I thought it was a parody site.

This has not, to date, stopped Cuppett from repeatedly falsely alleging I was involved. To the contrary, there is valid evidence of her public posting my personal information, later used in a horrifically defamatory Anonymous dox of me and my family alleging I was a pedophile supporter deserving “justice”, which she fully supported.

CrackingNutz unlocking of the original Trina Cuppett “dox”:

The alleged dox, which is actually a blog piece, drew attention to Cuppett’s political status as an Independent positioning herself as a Progressive Leader. She now calls herself a “Progressive Indie Leader”. Had the blog been harmful, her friend, confidante and partner in the anti-Unite Blue campaign, Michael Galvin, in his truthout2power blog would never have posted it with a donation link, or so reasonable people would believe:

Michael Galvin truthout2power blog page:


Galvin also did two Unite Blue Google Chats interrogating Green on the issue of Trina Cuppett’s victim status because of the “dox”. Green was able to disclose that his own family had been doxed and harassed by her anti-Unite Blue group via pastebin and defamed, but also condemned any unprovoked attacks against her.

Soon after, Galvin demanded the videos be taken down and removed from the Unite Blue website and YouTube, although it was Galvin that had insisted the interviews take place. Galvin has since posted derogatory “fact” pages, one exploiting Green’s response to Galvin’s question where Green calls Anonymous a terrorist group. Anti-Unite Blue groups used this to persuade members of Anonymous to rally against Unite Blue and its members, promoting more attacks.

The Michael Galvin-Zach Green Unite Blue Google Chats have been posted again, thanks to Aurora Grajeda. The video posts are protected under law as a public service, since there is considerable educational information about the Unite Blue org of benefit to the public:

Video Link: Resolving Concerns About Unite Blue – Part One. Google Chats with Michael Galvin and Zach Green

UPDATE: July 2013 Michael Galvin admits the group knew about Talley in February 2013 and took no action until he was appointed to the Unite Blue Advisory Board. They claim they were waiting for a plea, although a plea simply reduced his sentence, not the history or severity of his crimes, which they ignored until it could be used against Unite Blue.

Galvin-070913-knew in Feb Galvin-Z-board-exposure 071013

As for who sent Trina Cuppett the very first Talley file she posted, see if you can sort it out:









If you wonder why the fighting goes on, it’s because the war on Unite Blue and its members goes on.

Future blog posts will feature the Tango Down (take down) of Unite Blue and #LibCrib and a closer look at the March 2013 escalation of the anti-Unite Blue smear campaign with increasing involvement of those claiming to be with group “Anonymous”.


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