Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part One

Anatomy of a Twitter Smear Campaign – Part One

I have been the victim of an intensive, relentless smear campaign. There will much written on this in the near future. At present, I’m balancing real life and fighting for my reputation and against the stream of trolls and perpetrators promoting this terror via countless RTs and MTs used to inject this venom across twitter and the internet.

You see, once a smear campaign begins, it is spread across Google and other search engines by sites that stream twitter accounts 24/7. Then there are the Twitlongers, Pastebins and Chirpstory accounts and many more outlets, spanning discussions on HuffPost and countless blogs.

Because of the actions of Trina Cuppett @keyboardninja13, Matt Osborne @OsborneInk and their “friends”, my name is now associated with the words, “pedo”, pedo supporter”, “rape”, “infiltrator” and many other ugly terms.

I am none of those things and they know it. I was one of many targeted for joining Unite Blue, a progressive political org on Twitter. I fought back when assailed by the endless conspiracy theories and allegations about Unite Blue, because I believed it to be beyond valid consideration and an absurd way for a rational person to waste brain cells weaving such nonsense together.

The attacks on me became personal. I was accused of being an infiltrator from the right-wing to control hundreds of thousands of twitter users via Unite Blue. They said I was not really Janeal Eller, and began investigating me and disseminating files from Google about my “true” identity, even family histories and a link to Eller genealogy!

When that didn’t frighten me into silence they changed tactics. @OsborneInk tweets that I’m a supporter of a rapist named Jim XXXXX whom he drove off Twitter and other coordinated attacks only got worse. I don’t know much after Googling the man named, but being a victim of @OsborneInk’s dirty tactics, I seriously doubt the man had anything to do with rape. But that was not the point. He still continues to repeat the original lie to attack and discredit me.

That is how a smear campaign begins, and since Matt Osborne also has a blog, he can promote his lies beyond Twitter to other blogs who will begin repeating the same claims. This was not the only lie. Many more horrible insults and lies will be conjured in the smear campaign, even today. You see, if one lie sticks, it isn’t difficult to add more and his followers believe it out of hand and pass it on. His friends eagerly and actively participate.

Stay on his good side, or you are next. All participants share the same attitude.

Everyone victimized by the Unite Blue smear campaign can attest to the intense learning curve in determining who the people are behind the attacks in a search to identify the roots. You cannot simply close your account and leave Twitter to find peace. Your reputation has been damaged and once you’re  gone you will no longer be able to track the information and defamation to fight against and correct it.

People who blindly follow and pass the trash to their followers need to see this through personal experience. The perpetrators know very well that employers check social media. What about new people you meet? Will you forever be explaining this to defend yourself, or will they too assume you are a pedophile and avoid you? Whatever you do in life after being the target of a smear campaign, this will impact you in ways you can’t yet imagine. For that reason, expect to see heated ongoing battles between victims and perpetrators, who, by the way call themselves victims when confronted.

I can and will devote an entire website to revealing this story and the inner workings and members of this group. They’ve done this before. They push people to the brink of suicide and those they have driven from twitter and stalked across the internet to silence their voice, well, we don’t know what happened to them after their employers were called by these people and their children and families were threatened. Yes, the perpetrators do take it that far with a hate that is unfathomable. Victims are left to wonder why and how it happened and to carry their pain and anger through life hoping for some kind of resolution. Twitter is unresponsive. Many won’t file complaints because their names must be used and Twitter warns that information will be given to the person in the complaint. In many ways it’s the badlands and people must fight and fend for themselves or leave social media altogether and hope they aren’t followed and stalked.

Make no mistake, I am not the only one who has been victimized by this group. By making the tactics and signs known, investigating them and pursuing legal action, I hope to be the last.

How to Destroy a Reputation in 5 Tweets

1. Based on an actual case, members of the “cabal” passed around a tweet made to further discredit a victim they had first doxed (personal information release, including names of family and children) as another woman who became collateral damage of the initial assault. In this game an online service called lemmetweetthatforyou was used to forge a tweet as if it came from the victim. I followed this via live tweets, the obscene jokes, the laughter exchanged between the man and his friends and the concerned tweets made to the victim by her friends thinking the woman was going too far in her responses – a double assault by shocked friends who didn’t realize their friend was a victim of a dangerous “prank”.

Important note: Tweets made via this service are not valid in a legal proceeding unlike actual tweets with permalinks kept on file in governmental agencies and used by parties as evidence in lawsuits . Furthermore, they are passed along on Twitter as screenshots (image files) posted by the forger, possibly via a sock account (anonymous twitter account) and can be tracked to that source. This was the case of @TheXClass using a false tweet to discredit and embarrass @Bewarethebeliev. This will be profiled in another post including the offending tweet and how it was tracked to the @TheXClass account.

2. Google information is often inaccurate as it pertains to personal information. Unless the information source is a verified personal blog or business promotion by the person in question, such as LinkedIn or other sites, the information compiled and posted to search engines is from data sold from subscription, membership type websites and spam brokers and is usually flawed.

3. A lie, especially a salacious lie tweeted and retweeted to thousands of people takes on a life of its own, expanded by gossip if not actual tweets. Count on it. Smear campaigns on Twitter are like brush fires on a windy day.

What you’re about to read is a sample case used to demonstrate how easily a smear campaign can be started. Tweet images are via the “prank” tweet forgery account called, In a real smear campaign the tweets are real and carry the impact of the intended emotional and psychological weight.

The target used for the purposes of this demonstration is a real twitter account, identity unknown, whom I have selected for this demonstration because of their ruthless attacks on me personally. TJ10101 is a member of the group fomenting the widespread smear campaign against Unite Blue and innocent people who may or may not be actual members of the org. Let’s call this sensitivity training for TJ10101 in how it feels to be used as a target at a firing range for defamation.

The faux sender of the tweets is demonstrated by using a broadly known harasser and meta-troll, RJ Sterling, known for owning as many as 50 sock accounts, to be listed in another installment dedicated to reviewing the history and actions of RJ Sterling. Sterling is close friends with @Shoq aka Matt Edelstein, @OsbornInk aka Matt Osborne and Neal Rauhauser.

The Impact of Visual Media in a Terror Campaign.

The following screenshots of tweets are not real tweets and were never posted. The text of the tweets mimic attacks used against me and others. Actual attacks I have endured, as have my friends, are far more vicious and repetitive, involving dozens of distinct users to forward the attacks. I have been doxed four times in four months.

The following is for demonstration purposes only, although the link used as “evidence” in one tweet is real:

Demonstration Begin.


CAUTION: 1.The following faux tweet has an actual porn link discovered in a Google search. The real owner of the site is unknown and this may be a simple coincidence of user names. This is how guilt by association, real or otherwise can be used to destroy a reputation.

2. “Call CPS” is an example of a passive solicitation to encourage a “swat,” i.e. a call to authorities to investigate the accused individual. Swatting is a criminal offense. In the most dangerous cases, it has been used to send armed SWAT Teams to a victim’s home. Trina Cuppett and others have tweeted “Call CPS” solicitations regarding my family.





End of demonstration.

Who Are These People?

It has been four months since the first debates, arguments, and eventual flame wars began against Unite Blue. I joined Unite Blue because of the technology offered. I have liberal beliefs but I’m one of those lazy voters who prefers a concise briefing on issues and facts along with easy access to information without being drawn into a hostile political arena rife with speculation and gossip.

Little did I know what was about to befall me, propelling me into the most demented, nasty gutter of political smear campaigns I could imagine. It’s a campaign of wild conspiracy theories, rampant defamation, menacing personalities, and  criminal intent. The learning curve has been a roller-coaster of blogs, articles, Google searches, hundreds of references, thousands of documented tweets and conversations with others assailed by the same group of people who can only accurately be described as a cabal.

There is so much information and evidence along with so many people who deserve a venue, regardless of political affiliation to tell their stories. This has happened before in a previous campaign known as Twittergate. Unite Blue is not the first time this kind of “op” has been deployed.

There is also a very compelling reason to do this; raise funds for legal actions against the people conducting these personal terror campaigns on Twitter. There must be justice and examples made to stop this abuse.

I own the internet domains for opuniteblue which will be developed under the banner, Operation Unite Blue, Terror Campaigns in Social Media. It will be non-political and all victims of the Unite Blue smear campaign or Twittergate will be welcome.

To those who hoped to destroy me…#ExpectJustice.

Perpetrators and Enablers:

Trina Cuppett aka @keyboardninja13 formerly @TrinaCuppett

Matt Osborne aka @OsborneInk @InkSock

Matt Edelstein aka @Shoq

Michael Galvin @NC_MJGalvin

Carol aka @DKChoco

Melissa K. Brewer aka @catsrimportant


Suzanne Munshower aka @expatina

Ken Pen aka @deuce788

Rob B aka @TheXClass

Karoli Kuns aka @Karoli

RJ Sterling

Lane Lipton @LaneLipton aka @qritiq

“Sheridan” @OccupyRebellion


Neal Rauhauser

Members of the “hive”aka Anonymous


7 comments on “Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part One

  1. Reblogged this on Beware The Believers and commented:
    My many thanks to the author of this post for untold hours of research on the attack cabal and for providing a Twitter tweet stream that those of us who have been attacked can bop into and find solace and strength to fight against these unethical, immoral people, not yo mention yhe many times I have LMAO at some of the comments! 🙂 Thanks, Jan, for all you do!

    • SDzzz says:

      Thanks, BTB! I hope people read your blog about your own experiences. You’ve been doxed, harassed and threatened without mercy, and yet you get back up and fight for truth against their lies. I admire your strength. When all else fails we still manage to laugh and restore our spirits. We will not let them steal our ability to smile and care about one another. XO

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

    I know this is serious shit for you, but it is so comical that something as stupid as Twitter can affect a life so horribly. Makes me reconsider this social media feces,

    I say this because I have at one time or another been stalked & attacked on Twitter and Facebook.

    I handle this feces in a very evil nasty militant negro way.

    Good luck to you.

  3. Excellent post Janeal, thank you.

    Indeed, it has been roughly four months since the aforementioned cabal started their brutally cruel campaign of disinformation, harassment, ad-hominen attacks, defamation, libel and in just three words, a despicable infamy; there is not any other word in my vocabulary for such misdeeds.

    I’m anxiously looking forward to your subsequent posts on this subject.

    Being myself a ‘recipient’ of several personal, as well as a Unite Blue member, attacks by ‘The Cabal’, I accept your invitation to participate in the “Operation Unite Blue, Personal Terror Campaigns in Social Media” Project, where I commit to contribute my experiences with that nefarious group, what I know about them and information on their current and past similar terrorist campaigns in Twitter.

    Thank you again and for what is worth, well done dear Janeal.

    • SDzzz says:

      Thank you, Aurora. I have seen the terrible libels and personal attacks on you, going so far as attempts to track your location with street cams. Please stay safe. I always welcome your intelligence and courage and appreciate your help in this. You’ve done so much to expose their civil and criminal actions at your own peril. XO

  4. Thanks for taking the time to document these experiences. Some people do not belong in public forums. They can’t behave well enough and spoil the platform for most normal people.

    • SDzzz says:

      You’ve stood firm in the face of these attacks and fought them every step of the way. Thank you so much, Crystal, not just from me, but on behalf of those too afraid to speak out. Your strength and friendship are appreciated every day. XO

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