Response To Trina Cuppett Twitlonger Post

I was going to begin this with links and a discussion of real laws, not Twitter Court rumors of law. On further consideration I realized that’s not my job. If perpetrators want to believe they can wish away laws, then let them.

This post includes the original post by Cuppett and ends with Cuppett’s addendum of alleged “trolls” she and her friends would like you to believe are worthy targets for stalking, bullying, harassing and defaming.

Cuppett’s comments are in quotes and italics.

#UniteBlue Trolls, trolls and more trolls… Keyboard Ninja-@TrinaCuppett 19th May 2013 from TwitLonger  

“First we asked questions about #UniteBlue because we had concerns since their only history or references are from Republican candidates.
Our questions were answered with rhetoric, silence and the scrubbing of their webpages. We used their own webpages showing they represented people like Buddy Roemer and built a widget for Dick Morris.
Sorry folks but you can scream Buddy Roemer was an Independent at the time…look up his stance on “ALL issues” and not just things like #OWS, etc.”

This is your case against Unite Blue, wild speculation, harassment of members, false allegations in the absence of facts. You have consistently violated the rights of anyone not sharing your opinion, eventually targeting your opponents with the constant harassment of your supporters, (we call them minions) to whom you lie and deceive consistently.. You and your allies are the ones determined to force and enforce your point of view on everyone you can reach on Twitter and beyond. What you are incapable of understanding is that rational people may not share your opinions or approve of smear campaign tactics to cram your opinion down their throats or be faced with suffering your judgment, your harassment, your defamation and character assassinations. It’s too late to play victim after your rage has spilled on so many. Those who have been victimized by you and your tactics are called, “witnesses” if not “plaintiffs” in legal actions brought forward, not via a self-imposed “Twitter Court”, but by officially recognized American judicial system.

You have blown vague suspicions and freshly conjured conspiracy theories of social engineering out of proportion into a full blown social media war, and you have failed to convince anyone but your private club and close associates.

“In addition to asking questions I outed @Political_Bill aka William Glenn Talley of Nashville TN for being convicted of “sexually exploiting children”, (lots of child porn), having an illegal pistol and drugs (lots of drugs).
He was originally arrested in 2005 and has tried to appeal all the way up to the Supreme Court which was denied in 2010.
In February 2013 Bill plead GUILTY. Now I don’t know about you but I would NEVER plead guilty to any crime such as “sexually exploiting children” if I was not guilty.
Such crimes cause you to:
1) serve time in prison
2) register as a sex offender for the rest of your life
3) make you INELIGIBLE to vote.”

Your answer as to why people don’t take your anti-pedophile campaign seriously as it is applied to smearing all members of Unite Blue is in the second line, “originally arrested in 2005”. You claim to have “outed” a man embroiled in a case in the Tennessee Court System lasting several years. In other words, it is not necessary to launch an emergency capture of a man on the run as your “pedo-hunt” implies. The courts know where Talley is and like you say, it has been ongoing from 2005 to 2013. Reasonable people do not become hysterical over such a case. They wait for the system to complete the cycle of justice. Your anti-pedophile histrionics, as you insult and accuse all within range of “supporting pedophiles” is despicable, if not mentally unstable behavior. There are serious offenders walking the streets and using social media that deserve scrutiny, yet your focus is on one man who would not do your bidding and gut Unite Blue from the inside out as an Advisory Board member. Let’s make that factual history very clear for all to see.

I for one do not have the emotional attachment to Talley that you demonstrate. He never has and never will fill my every thought or tweet as he does with you, when you’re not attacking people who know him in your spare time on twitter. You, of all people should know a tweet is not an endorsement, nor is a retweet. Just because you think he should have had no appeals or legal representation changes nothing, nor does it imply more guilt because you suspect the court is inept. Your personal relationship with Talley and your disappointment and feelings of betrayal by him are not Unite Blue’s problem, nor should any of its members be punished for your personal heartbreak concerning Talley .

“Regardless, my family has been blogged about by: @ziletrezo aka @ibUB2 aka @papiterra aka Steve Haglestad along with @Cihuamexica aka Auror Grajeda and @EdieVP aka @Edie_VP and @Sayethsimon aka Simon Cowart and I have been harassed via my @ mentions & subtweets daily since March 10, 2013 by the above plus @tarrowdarrow, @Ronpitts, @SDzzz aka Janeal Eller and her in real life sister @ak2sandiego aka Linnette Eller Booth and many others.
So when they say we’re trolling them and dox’ing them they are lying. They are in my @ mentions everyday when I log onto Twitter.”

Priceless. “…and her in real life sister…”, “…and many others…”. You must have shame about your family and associations. I do not. You always refer to someone else’s family in an unorthodox, derogatory way, as if you need to spell things out so people comprehend the conspiracy thoughts in your head that connect to things beyond the obvious and normal. Remember the dox you did on me, berating me for being unwanted and adopted? Of course you do! So my “in real life sister” was always my “in real life sister” because your facts were false. I am not adopted, and shame on you for berating anyone who is.

“Ask any other person of Anonymous and they will tell you none of these people have been “doxed” in the way that term is used among Anonymous.”

Really? I have a 13 tweet confirmation and condemnation of the dox you created on me by a person who is well-respected by Anonymous and other REAL Anons have contacted me privately. Ask any person? Laughable, since there are so many fake anons donning masks and playing bully at your behest, probably unaware that your allegations of pedophile support among your opponents is pure farce, and nothing more than an example of your deceptive tactics. Through your @optrollbill account and your long term portrayal of yourself as Anonymous (remember just a month ago?) you have crossed the line into criminality. Soothe yourself with bad legal advice through your followers if you like. It does not change evidence already gathered and submitted to real legal authorities. It will never change laws you have broken. This is not history you are able to rewrite. If you truly feel you are the victim, by all means file with the appropriate agencies. Remember, your real name and info must be provided and false statements and reports are a prosecutable crime. This would not be a good area to tamper with trying false statements which would be deemed “perjury”.

“They blogged about my family posting information on my husband and his brother including their employers and the addresses to where they work. They also posted information on people with the same last name who are in NO way related to our family.
They copied and pasted Tea Party logos by our pictures so they could call us Tea Baggers and accuse us of being Right Wing Nut Jobs. We are not Republicans we are registered Independents and always have been. We are very Liberal Independents and I have always been honest about that. Just because they posted some fake pictures does NOT make it true.
They want you to believe that I want to divide and conquer #UniteBlue no we asked for transparency and did not receive it. I outed a convicted man on their Advisory Board proving that:
1) they did not vett their own board members
2) they did and did not care.”

They. They. They. They. I have your tweets accusing several people of these actions. Which they? You accused me of “doxing” you and justified publication of your vile, defamatory dox of me when I barely knew who you were. Contrary to your overinflated ego, all of twitter does not know you or frankly, give a damn about you. You falsely accused me, then enacted revenge on that false accusation. You’re still making false statements about me, here within this document.

“If you can read my @ mentions column then you will see that they troll me everyday and they cannot make up their minds if they troll me because:
1) I outed Bill
2) They accuse me of trying to divide Liberals
3) They accuse me of being a RWNJ”

Obviously, you intended this for your private audience behind your locked account because only your followers can see your @ mentions. The rest of us are out in the open for all to see.

Your friend Matt Edelstein, @Shoq has publicly disagreed with your assertion that you outed Talley. He says he gave you the information, so technically, @Shoq outed Talley. I won’t speak to your two other concerns, because your actions speak for themselves.

“Zach Green of #UniteBlue announced on March 9, 2013 that Bill Talley was no longer on their Advisory Board.”

Again, what is your point? Are you saying that you are more important than the news about Talley? Or could it be you were attacking Unite Blue and its members before that date and had already made enemies on twitter with your caustic, hateful responses? If not, that is what you should be saying and thinking about in terms of claiming accountability for your actions.

“On March 10, 2013 I was attacked/trolled by members of #UniteBlue led by @sayethsimon (another Advisory Board member) and @EdieVP then @Cihuamexica sent me the blog about my family and has trolled me ever since.
You can believe what you want but isn’t it odd that ONLY #UniteBlue members troll me and attack me and my family daily since I outed @Political_Bill‘s crimes?
NO other Liberal (NON #UniteBlue) members and NO RWNJ’s have trolled me or accused me of such things.”

Isn’t it odd? I think it’s odd that you have managed to blame so many people who did not know each other for the same act! How could they have done it, and I have done it, and Zack Green when we didn’t know each other? Are you honestly trying to sell a conspiracy of strangers theory to make your case? Your followers must lack critical thinking skills to believe such nonsense, unless they only see an occasional tweet and fall victim to your haranguing them to accept it. The last line is simply false. Anyone who disagrees, questions or criticizes you is immediately blocked by you so your followers don’t see it in your private account.

“Ponder that!!! I troll no-one and I have never doxed anyone. I did NOT even dox @Political_Bill or his family. The only thing I posted about Bill was publicly available court documents and news articles of his original arrest.
I could have posted information about his family members but they did not commit the crimes therefore; that would have been unfair to his family members who were not involved. I am simply not that type of person to do that to an innocent person just because they’re related to someone convicted of a crime.”

I am an innocent person and you attacked my family and me, so it’s too late to alter reality. What did you call it, “Naming and Shaming”? Yes. Explain to me again how you don’t dox but publish through your personal @TrinaCuppett account the files used in my dox, that you originally posted? Talk about odd coincidences! Probably should have locked down your account much earlier to hide that evidence, right? As for the mysterious dox that you claim was so harmful to you, why was it spread by endless tweets from you and your friends as if you wanted all of twitter to see something you claimed, with much outrage and hyperbole, was so harmful and dangerous to you and your family? Who does that? Why would you want to disseminate information that you claimed endangered your children? Your good friend, Michael Galvin even posted the link to your dox on his blog with a donate button!

Why have you and your friends been posting Talley’s girlfriend’s name all over blogs and twitter? She isn’t worthy of “family” status to you? Shouldn’t you leave her alone? Ponder that!

“I ask that the rest of you stop harassing me and my family and then cry wolf that you’re being harassed. If you see these people harassing me and my other friends (@dkchoco @shoq @karoli @expatina @catsrimportant @MichaelGalvin01 @TheXClass @OsborneInk)and many others then please ask them to stop harassing us.”

The “rest of you”? How many are on your list? Thank you for listing and grouping your cadre of harassers sent out to menace Unite Blue members in one tidy sentence.This is a perpetrator list, although it is expected you would protect your own interests by pretending they are victims. Oldest bully tactic around – attack and then claim victim status. Interesting that your friends include bloggers that have defamed these less than human “trolls” you speak about, so why wouldn’t a reasonable person interested in protecting their reputation want to keep an eye on how many lies have been printed against them and in which publication? Is this trolling or self-defense? By the way…when you harass someone, they generally block you. You don’t then get to claim it’s a spam-block campaign against you. It’s called consequences.

“Make NO mistake I can and do defend myself and I will continue to do so.
We ALL enjoy 1st Amendment rights as any of the rest of you. We can ask questions of #UniteBlue just like we can ask questions of #TGDN or any other group. As Liberals who claim to be “independent or free thinkers” you should be encouraging us to ask questions and joining us in asking questions.
Whenever #TGDN members do something the #UniteBlue members will call them out. It’s time for you to call out your OWN members when they are acting inappropriately.”

You have gone beyond asking questions to questioning and investigating those who disagree with you or refuse to vow allegiance to you. We did enjoy First Amendment rights until you decided to change that for us, stripping us of the right to make our own decisions by constant harassment and interference with normal twitter activity among friends.Passing around links to my follower list as targets? How dare you even consider contacting anyone I know or follow to promote a vendetta!

“It’s NOT Liberal to accuse other Liberals of being RWNJ’s.
Even if I was a RWNJ it does NOT give you the right to harass me or my family or my friends on Twitter.
IT’S NOT “LIBERAL” BEHAVIOR TO TROLL AND HARASS. If you think it is then please look up the term liberal.”

You are hardly in a position to tell people what a liberal is or how to act. You threw away your credibility a long time ago.

“P.S. For the record: @Shoq is not my handler and Anonymous does not take any type of orders from me.
Anonymous is NOT unanimous! “

Clever phrases aside, people will have to judge those statements for themselves. It’s humorous that you feel the need to tell people Anonymous does not take orders from you, “of any type”, as if the idea of you controlling Anonymous could even be in the realm of possibility. Your ego has really exceeded any common sense you once may have had. You and your associates have done more damage to the reputations and causes of Anonymous than law enforcement could have planned.

Stop trying to convince Anonymous that Unite Blue and its members are against them. Think you can start a political war and drag Anonymous into it? That’s right, you already have! Is your goal to expose them to scrutiny by law enforcement agencies? They should ponder that and take a long look at your motives. · Original

19th May 2013 from TwitLonger

CORRECTION: These are my friends that have been harassed too:
@politicalnews @MichaelGalvin @karoli @shoq @expatina @OsborneInk @dkchoco @catsrimportant @catawu @TheXClass @optrollbill @OmegleDEV
These are the Twitter accounts we have been/are being harassed by on a regular basis:
@sayethsimon aka SimonCowart
@EdieVP aka @Edie_VP
@SDzzz aka Janeal Eller
@ak2sandiego aka Linnette Eller Booth
@belsky aka @prettypatty9 aka @lesliebegelman · Reply
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11 comments on “Response To Trina Cuppett Twitlonger Post

  1. tesspowell says:

    Reblogged this on teesepowell and commented:

  2. Jueseppi B. says:

    How does a social media site such as Twitter get so many dumbass trolls as Trina & her brood of fools? I used 2 follow her stupidity, until she attempted to school me on #UniteBlue, and I had to school her in return, on what parts of my Black ass she could kiss.

    Good post. I am now following your blog.

  3. Jueseppi B. says:

    Reblogged this on The ObamaCrat.Com™ and commented:
    How does a social media site such as Twitter get so many dumbass trolls as Trina & her brood of fools? I used 2 follow her stupidity, until she attempted to school me on #UniteBlue, and I had to school her in return, on what parts of my Black ass she could kiss.

    Good post. I am now following your blog.

    • SDzzz says:

      Thank you very much. Great people like you help to expose this kind of thing so all can see. The last thing these bullies and stalkers want is attention to their dirty tactics.

      • Jueseppi B. says:

        Can you tell me what has been the turn of events with this?

      • SDzzz says:

        There are many involved in the harassment, still following Trina Cuppett’s lead. Some have several twitter sock accounts to make it appear they have large support for their agenda. As of this writing, @EileenLeft of #CTL – Connect The Left, has voiced her support and allegiance with the anti-Unite Blue group, Unite This, part of Cuppett’s #opuniteblue, and has called for “dismantling” Unite Blue. Cuppett’s “awareness” op #opuniteblue utilizes members of the group, Anonymous.

        I left Unite Blue, primarily because of #opuniteblue’s constant harassment toward me as a member, making it impossible for me to be a positive voice in liberal politics. They still persist in harassing me as a Unite Blue member and spokesperson despite evidence to the contrary.

        When Neal Rauhauser produced graphs depicting people in conservative politics secretly aligned with Unite Blue, it had the unexpected consequence of new anti-bully alliances with some members of the right-wing helping me when liberals turned away. It is not a political alliance, it is a human alliance in fighting obstruction, bullying, harassment and attacks on civil rights, regardless of party affiliation and I appreciate this alliance.

        It serves neither party to allow another Twittergate to emerge and many of the people supporting #opuniteblue were part of that terrible time of smear and fear politics. Twittergate was the deployment of left-wing operatives to attack the families, children included, of early Tea Party supporters, eventually spreading to all right-wing groups. It was the impetus for TGDN – the right-wing Twitter Gulag Defense Network, so these kind of smear campaigns and ops have lasting consequences if not exposed and stopped in their tracks. Almost daily someone mentions TGDN, sadly, more than important issues.

        The war continues. We still fight their allegations that people belonging to Unite Blue are “pedophile supporters” and their characterizations that we’re right-wing moles.

        A few days ago Trina Cuppett’s account @keyboardninja13 was made to appear as “hacked”, using @ziletrezo’s avi to replace Cuppett’s avi in a failed attempt to frame him. Experts have said it was not a hack, but a controlled closure by the user in an apparent attempt to delete and conceal portions of the timeline. Hacking does not cause a bio to flash repeatedly as her account did right after the alleged “hack”. Looped deletion of tweets can cause it, however. Cuppett is expected to return soon in a campaign to forward the hacking allegations. A few weeks ago she alleged I hacked her as well and claimed to have filed a police report, making it a false police report, if filed at all.

        I will continue to document the tactics and “ops” we have experienced, with the hope that others may see how a smear campaign is conducted so they may recognize and halt support for such behavior. Maybe it will help guide the future of twitter politics and personal safety of users in a positive direction.

        Thanks for reading and helping to spread the word. I really appreciate it. 🙂

      • Jueseppi B. says:

        You couldn’t pay not one of those fake ass internet warriors, to say jack shit to your face in person.

        I wish one of these pieces of feces would “come after me.”

      • SDzzz says:

        They certainly tried to get some damage done. Luckily, they’re cowards, but there’s always the concern some mentally disturbed creep will try to be their hero. 😦

      • tesspowell says:

        No problem, sorry it took so long to respond but Trina & the rest are just idiots. What is there point? If they don’t like the org, don’t join it. How sad can ur life be to take out so much time to smear a campaign you don’t approve because you don’t think they are liberal? They do sound like RWNJ, wouldn’t a group of fiercely loyal liberals be more concerned with promoting liberal causes than infighting with another liberal group? How about investigating some of these corporate subsidies that back damaging conservative policies?

      • SDzzz says:

        Couldn’t agree more! That conservatives and liberals have joined to fight these underhanded and sometimes dangerous smear campaigns (SWATTING, DOXING, etc) is a positive sign. The group behind this have histories in Twittergate, Weinergate, TeamKimberlin, SPAMBLOCK campaigns and so on that has kept the wars between the left and right boiling for years. Our country has infrastructure, economy, jobs, healthcare issues worthy of civil debate and positive action. Instead, online communities like Twitter are being used to launch cults of personality and private agendas. Today, conservatives were on my timeline joining to condemn and help expose the key players. Both sides are sick of looking over their shoulders, waiting for character assassinations or attacks on their families because of the groups they belong to, people they talk to, or their political beliefs. Together we can put a stop to it. Thank you so much for your support!

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