Welcome to DoxicShockSyndrome, a blog about being blindsided by a political smear campaign with tactical roots extending back to a dark and devious scheme called “Twittergate”.

The inception of the Tea Party pushed certain political operatives into a plot of exploiting the left-wing while attempting to destroy the right-wing on Twitter via vicious, coordinated twitterstorm attacks. While these attacks were directed at the user they escalated into horrific psychological terror ops against the families and children of conservatives, including threats of rape and degradation. That identities, addresses, phone numbers, employers etc. were exposed through doxing (a release of personal information) made the fear and anger that more palpable. From this operation sprang TGDN, Twitter Gulag Defense Network from the right-wing to coordinate harassment and account suspension on liberals. These wars, to a lesser degree still continue as a mainstay of twitter politics.

My experience could best be described as a waking nightmare of unexpected character assassinations, hate, violent speech and attacks on my civil rights and reputation. With the help of some wonderful and courageous new friends, I made it through, while some were driven from twitter by doxing and threats to their families. As a leaderless group, we still fight the cyber-bullies and harassers every day. I was attacked by alleged liberals accusing me of being a member of the Tea Party in hopes other liberals would attack me. It spawned other attacks far more menacing than party affiliation. I am a registered Democrat and I am here to condemn this behavior from any party or any bully. The investigation will continue into their “rabbit-holes” of wild conspiracy theories and the perpetrators involved. I hope it helps others caught and confused in a web they didn’t know existed. This exploration is non-partisan. At its core this is a story of bullies and their need for power and our obligation to stop them.


Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – CTL vs UB – Liberal Infighting ~ New

Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part One

Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part Two – Outing Talley ~ July UPDATE Confession!

Response To Trina Cuppett Twitlonger Post


Screenshots One – Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part Two – Before Outing Talley

 Screenshots Two – Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Part Two – After Outing Talley ~ July UPDATE Confession!

Screenshots – October 13, 2012 Tweets of @kyle_mart_unc and @justice_usa_

Screenshots Three – Anatomy of a Smear Campaign – Twitter Debate April 2013


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